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The website says she's going on tour after releasing this album in May.
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did anyone go to the jolie holland show in atl?
if so, how was it?
i couldnt make it!

add me if you want.. i'm new!

- nadia marie <3

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JH's voice makes me want to fall in love. And cry. And roll around in tall grass.
I'm an aspiring singer/songwriter (ha, I use the term "aspiring" quite loosely.) Who else should I hear?
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If you go to Sage Francis' Myspace page you can hear Jolie singing "Sea Lion" with him. I adore it. I would give anything to see them perform together. I got to see Sage a few months ago, the man is amazing (if you enjoy hip-hop.) Apparently they're good friends and I was very excited to find out.
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I just discovered Jolie Holland two weeks ago and think her music is amazing! Just thought I'd drop in and say hi to the community!


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